Aerospace Safety & Security, Inc.

Your sequence maker and money saver.

New airport runway construction is expensive, time consuming and often impossible because airports are frequently landlocked. Flight operations for most airports cannot be sufficiently improved to meet future demand!

Our new patented "Split Runway Design" (SRD), will greatly increase your airport runway operations at low cost. Results will be evident in less than a year.

SRD will provide 80% or more additional landing and takeoff sequences, without the need for additional new runway construction.

SRD substantially increases aircraft utilization by shortening aircraft taxi distances, reducing wear and tear as well as fuel and crew costs. This unique concept will make your airport greener by reducing noise and pollution.

Check out this innovative concept by watching our short animation below.

SRD is approved by the FAA in JO 7110.65W Same Runway Separation 3-10-3 Landing and Takeoff Procedure. With air traffic control [ATC] approval in near simultaneous runway operations, we eliminate dangerous intersection takeoffs and the danger of aircraft entering active runways.